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Where are you?

Malthouse Farm, Croft Road, Neacroft, nr Bransgore, BH23 8JT

Where can my 121 be?

121s can either be in our field, at your home or Madeleine can meet you for a walk.

How do I check my bookings?

To find out how to check your booking and subscriptions, please log into your account and watch the video below.

How do I book using a pricing plan?

To find out how to book and purchase a pricing plan, please watch the video below. When you next book, you'll have the option to book using the pricing plan you have already purchased.

Do you run puppy classes?

No, we don't run puppy classes. We start all new dogs and handlers with at least a few 121s before joining group classes. All our group classes are mixed ability so that new dogs and puppies are working along more experienced dogs to give your dog the best chance to learn.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Please sign into your account and watch the video below on how to cancel your subscription.

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