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Milo, 37kg golden retriever, was rehomed with me nearly two years ago at the age of 16 months and we have been using a variety of training packages with K9 to help us build a bond, completely retrain and undo a lot of bad habits. He originally came with a lot of nervous and overexcited energy, would lunge and jump up on people and dogs and had no social graces whatsoever. We started with a lot of 121s and Group classes to help us work on our relationship and his focus and also regularly attend the

for Meet & Greet, Jumping Up and Recall. This mix and continuity has been invaluable - as has Madeleine's guidance and expertise throughout and as a result he has improved tremendously and continues to do so. The training sessions give him a real mental work out and having 121 sessions in new and different locations helps give me more confidence to spot and handle potentially tricky situations.

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