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Congratulations Suzi

What Suzi's owner had to say:

We started training with K9 when Suzi was 9 months old, more than 10 years ago. Family crisis meant we had no time for training and she was often left with friends and family.

She was mostly untrained and nervous of other dogs as she’d had no contact with them. We start with 1 to 1's which she loved and quickly passed many of the tests which were a feature then.

We then started classes and as the classes were small, and her good pal Madeleine was there, she gradually became more confident amongst other dogs, although she still ignores most of them and prefers humans. We have continued training as she loves them and it keeps her mentally and physically fit.

What Madeleine Says:

I cannot remember a time when Suzi was not at K9 Tac. My biggest struggle ten years on is to come up with new things to teach Suzi. Everything I come up with we eventually master.

Fun Facts:

  • Suzi's lifelong goal is to lick Madeleine's ears.

  • Madeleine has to refer to suzi as "You know who" so as not to distract her in classes.

  • Suzi took nearly a year to master retrieve

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