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Roger came to us a year ago from Margaret Green, he had been removed from a dog hoarder, along with many other dogs. Now 10 years old (I think he may be younger) he has numerous scars and evidence of a broken tail. Initially was very thin, and subdued. He loves our other dog an 11-year-old jug Salli (also rescue) he bonded quickly with myself and her, he gained weight, but then completely shut down, refusing to eat, I hand fed him as he lost the weight he had gained, eventually he picked up, but then started to become reactive to everything, dogs, people, birds etc. I was put in touch with trainer recommended by Margaret Green, but this didn’t work out as this was the wrong type of training for Roger.

Thankfully we found Madeleine who has most definitely been Roger’s saviour, when we first met her, we couldn’t even get him out of the car without him “Effing and Jeffing” as she would say, after several 1-1s we succeeded and spend many 1-1s with both Madeline and with Abi getting Roger used to being with another dog in the field. Madeleine has also been to our house and given us guidance and support with visitors, of which Roger was not very welcoming.

He loves to train on the weekly zoom class, this is great as we can still train without being with other dogs. Roger didn’t know how to sit when we first started, but now is loving every training session and learning new skills each week, he loves the mental work this provides.

Now Roger will go into the field with other dogs - still some distance away, but we are in the field!

We can walk along the street mostly without reacting to people, his reaction to other dogs is becoming easier to manage all with Madeline’s guidance and support.

We are continuing our 1-1s with madeleine walking with her dogs and who know one day we may be able to attend an actual lesson!

I really don’t want to think about where Roger would be without Madeline and Abi today all I know he is living his best life thanks to their expertise and help which has given me the skills to help Roger.

Update January 2023:

I just wanted to say a massive well done to Team Roger.

Roger spent his first session in the car, as he was so hysterical with his barking.

Today wearing his new Red all in one equiefleece he manged to do half a group class. I am so thrilled for Rodger and his family as they work with myself or Abi at least 3 x a week. They have put in endless hours into helping this rescue boy and deserve the recognition and the reward they feel when Roger hits milestones in his training.

Update on Roger January 2024:

What a great year Roger has had, now has just turned 11, yes we made it to actual whole lessons in the field along side other dogs, this was not easy it took many sessions and patience, some days just didn’t work and we went home again other days we got just in side the gate, this was such a milestone, we sat and watched the other dogs and this built up his confidence , so he knew it was ‘safe’

Roger will now train 2/3 week in the field, yes, he will bark at times and get in a tizz, but I now have the tools to manage his behaviour better, on good days he will work on a long line away from me and be relaxed. When Madeleine said we will get him in a lesson a year and half ago I didn’t believe her, and here we are. Other class members are all great and give Roger the space he needs.

We continue to attend weekly zoom class; Roger and I have gained many new’ tools for the box’ which are useful when we are out and about, and we come across situations that Roger doesn’t like.

He loves to learn new tricks and games, by attending zoom from home he is relaxed, and this allows him to be more receptive. He is now being asked to demonstrate his skills to new members of the zoom class.

We have taken him on his first ever holiday to Madeleine’s flat in Carmarthen, he had a fantastic time and loved all the open spaces on the beach, the flat is so dog friendly we were able to relax and enjoy the holiday too.

We have also taken Roger to the local coffee shops successfully, he has sat quietly and even allowed strangers to say hello, this is something we would never have been able to do before, with fear of him getting overwhelmed and barking quite aggressively, we haven’t seen any of this behaviour for a long time now.

All this has taken many hours of training and commitment (not to mention a small fortune) but it is so worth it, the Roger today is not the same dog from 2 Years ago and thanks to the support of Madeline and her team we have achieved so much. We will continue to train at K9tac as there’s always something new to learn if we learn task well Madeleine will always make it more challenging to get more from Roger!

Roger was awarded Top dog of 2023 which is such an honour, and a great reward for everything we have put into Roger. Thank you K9tac.

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