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Miro & Makauri Step In Cool Vest

Miro & Makauri Step In Cool Vest

Does my dog need a cool vest?
Dogs can suffer from heatstroke. On a hot day they are susceptible to overheating. They eliminate heat primarily by panting and through the pads on their paws. Without sweat glands and having a high core body temperature, dogs are unable to cool off as easily. A cool vest will keep the body temperature down.
How does it work?
A three-layer system that protects your dogs’ vital organs, which is lightweight and allows for a full range of movement.
1. The top layer utilises cooling technology to wick away moisture, generate evaporation and release heat.
2. The middle layer remains lightweight while holding water for evaporation.
3. The inside layer transfers the water activated technology to keep your dogs’ vital organs cool.
This technology will keep the vest, cool in temperature for up to 3 hours at a time.
Is it easy to use?
Simply soak the vest in cold water for a few minutes, then wring out. Let your dog step in to the vest & zip up.When the vest dries, simply repeat above.
We have designed the cool vest, from the point of view of a highly active working dog.The sports cut allows a full range of movement, with a zip that is positioned just off to the side, ensuring comfort across the spine. The spandex on top is lightweight and your dog simply steps in to vest, avoiding any feeling of claustrophobia around the head and ears.

XS:neck(29-38) chest(43-56)cm
S:  neck(38-48) chest(56-69)cm
M: neck(48-60) chest(69-81)cm 


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