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Congratulations Dickens

What Dicken's Owner has to say:

Dickens came to us in May 2021 aged 9 years. He had been a stud dog in a puppy farm and had no experience of life. When he arrived he was very thin, had no muscle and had areas on his hips where there had been pressure sores.

We realized immediately that he was deaf and he also has a heart murmur which needs medication.

I knew straight away that I would need help with getting him used to his new world and we had some 1-2-1 classes with Madeleine. He proved to be a very keen learner and picked thing up quickly.

Group classes were a different matter. He would scream and lunge towards other dogs and I had to keep taking him to the gate until he calmed down. We attended classes several times a week and over the months he settled and can now work in the middle of the line and is happy with dogs moving round him.

Meet and greet masterclasses were also a really big help. It can feel in the class that not much is happening but seeing him now being able to go on a long line to say hello and come back for a reward is wonderful. He even entered the dog show at The New Forest Show and won a rosette! He was chilled all day and an absolute joy.

Walks have gone from a double ended lead and a walk on his own, pulling to single lead and going out with one or two of the others. I look forward to seeing how much more we can do.

It just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Thank you Madeleine for giving him a new life.

What Madeleine Says:

I have known Dicken's owner for many years. I have great respect for her as she always has a troop of elderly dogs. You hear people say " I can't cope with loosing another dog, so I won't be getting another". That is not Dicken's owner she just gets on and gives another oldie a fabulous life.

Anyone that knows me well will know I have a real soft spot for the oldies. Puppies are cute but I just love old dogs. When I saw the state of Dicken he really made your heart break. His legs had no muscle and he really didn't know how life worked for a normal dog.

Dickens was blessed with finally getting a special person that was willing to give him time . His owner put the hours into classes and the results have been amazing. Dickens was robbed of a life until he was and old dog. I am thrilled I could help Dickens spend the rest of his days enjoying life and all the new experiences he has with all his house mates and the owner he truly deserved.

Food For Thought:

Getting a rescue dog is not a licence to have an excuse that your dog can't improve. With effort you can make a rescue dogs life a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Fun Fact:

I never tired of seeing Dickens run out say hello to the dog he is allowed to greet then seconds later turn and march back to his owner with a look that says "wasn't I a good boy". Being deaf he gets a thumbs up, I'm sure he pushes his chest out and grows and inch as he is so so pleased with himself.

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